Reporting a Claim

Q) What do I do if a claim is made against me?

A) When you encounter a claim, including any verbal or written allegations against you, contact Victor and Marsh Canada Limited as soon as you become aware. In addition you should preserve all documentation that could potentially relate to the claim, specifically:

i) If a suit is brought, please attach a copy of the initial legal process (e.g., a Statement of Claim, a Declaration, a Motion or other legal process). If possible, note the date on which you were served.

ii) If no suit is brought but you have received a demand letter, include a copy of the letter and details surrounding the receipt of the letter.

iii) If you become aware of circumstances that could reasonably give rise to a claim or have received oral threats of a lawsuit, please provide a written overview outlining the specific reasons for anticipating a claim to result from such circumstances or threats.

Keep all the lines of communication with Victor and Marsh Canada Limited open at all times. Do not discuss the claim with anyone, other than Victor and Marsh Canada Limited at any time. Participate when asked to and be patient.

Your insurance policy requires that you report a claim to Victor as soon as possible after you first become aware of the claim. The claim must be reported in writing and may be submitted to Victor using one of the following means:


Mail or courier:
Victor Insurance Managers Inc.
500-1400 Blair Towers Place
Ottawa, Ontario K1J 9B8
Attention: Claims Department

In both circumstances, please also make Marsh Canada aware of your claim as follows:

Subject Line: NEW CPBA CLAIM

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